Thinking about selling your business? We asked three pros: "Which types of companies will be most attractive to buyers this year?"

John Elton
Partner iNovia Capital, Montreal

"Many technology companies are sitting on massive amounts of cash, and an obvious area where they could spend it is in acquisitions. And we're starting to see that. In tech, the growing trend is higher-order technologies, meaning tech firms are buying companies that have advanced technology that would be very diffi cult for a company to build internally-such as how Apple acquired a company so it could get into voice recognition and Google acquired a company that got it into mobile. The easier problems have been solved."

Pino Bacinello
President Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions Inc., Vancouver

"Certain specialty manufacturing sectors will be hot, and food manufacturing is one of them because it's an industry that survives all economic conditions. Care-centred businesses will also appeal to buyers, whether it's medical services or care facilities; the needs of our aging population and current medical system make these industries resilient to economic factors. Finally, any businesses that have contractual or residual revenue are in demand because you can predict cash flow to an extent."

Jason Sparaga
President CEO Spara Capital, Oakville, Ont.

"Anything that has to do with improving productivity or that tries to tap into the 'more with less' trend will be a big focus, whether that's within manufacturing or on a service-delivery model. Also, technology related to cloud activity; software as a service will get even busier in 2012, as the generic concept of 'the cloud' becomes clearer and more defined."

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