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Fri, 08 Jan 2010 23:03:22 GMT

Use Microsoft Office to keep yourself organized

The new Office is just what businesses need to keep track of contacts and customers, manage a mountain of e-mail, and create slick marketing materials.

In this time of economic challenges, there's no better time to make your business smarter, leaner and more competitive. For a limited time, buyers can save about 20 per cent when purchasing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 with Open Value or Open with Software Assurance.

In addition, you will also receive upgrade rights to Microsoft® Office 2010 after its release, giving you greater capabilities. It's a way to strengthen your business today and be ready to grow tomorrow.

Download a free demo and try it today. But get it soon. This software promotion - and the savings - only last until Dec. 31, 2009.

Get more done in less time with powerful productivity and contact management tools.

The following tools are exclusive to Office 2007:

Find the e-mail, contact or file you're looking for fast with Instant Search.

View all your important customer information and business metrics on one page.

Create, manage and track professional-quality sales and marketing materials.

Track and manage all of your project-related information in one place.

Forecast sales and track and manage sales leads.

The following tools are updated from Office 2003:

Manage your increasing volume of email better with improved filters and security.

Improve your time management with the To-Do Bar.

Centralize all your communications with each customer in one place.


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