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Fri, 04 Nov 2011 10:16:26 GMT | By Kerry Gold, MSN Money
Secrets of the pawn store world

Don’t stoop to lying

Don’t stoop to lying
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Instead of a song and dance, just be honest about why you're selling your item and where it came from. Pawnshop dealers are like bartenders — they really have heard it all. "I'm pretty intuitive when they're lying," says Gold. "People come in and try to pull the wool over your eyes."

Gold has heard it all. But it was an employee's lie that bugged Gold the most. The employee called in to say that he was away from work because his kid was in the hospital. When Gold asked where he could send the flowers, the employee confessed it was a lie. Gold fired him on the spot.

"Some things are unforgivable."

* Bing: How do you pawn an item?

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