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Proactiv comes from humble beginnings. When the acne wash was first introduced to infomercial viewers in 1995, it was former "Who's The Boss?" mom Judith Light hawking the product. Light, born in 1949, wasn't the worst face for the brand, but she had as much cachet with modern pimply-faced teens as, say, Joey Bishop or Larry Hagman. Enter: Justin Bieber. As part of a shift in marketing strategy, Proactiv began shelling out big bucks to get major celebrities to sell the acne system during the 2000s, an expensive but profitable move. According to Maclean's, Proactiv now spends about $15 million a year on celebrity endorsements — Bieber, who is paid $3 million to appear on Proactiv infomercials, has been joined by other stars like Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Avril Lavigne — and the payoff has been very real. Last year, Proactiv raked in about $800 million in revenue.

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