Gap Inc./AP Photo // Doris Fisher (Doris and Don Fisher, co-founders of Gap, in front of their flagship San Francisco store in 1969.)

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Gap Inc./AP Photo

Est. net worth: $2.3 billion

Who she is: Co-founder of Gap, Inc., American retail giant.

What she's done: As the story goes, Fisher founded the Gap in 1969 with her husband, Donald, when he couldn't find jeans that fit. Yet, what started as a small San Francisco fix to her husband's fussy waistline has turned into a multi-billion dollar international clothing empire. While Doris, who became a widow when her husband passed away in 2009, no longer holds an official position with the outfitter, Gap has grown its $14 billion-a-year retail empire to include other major brands such as Banana Republic and Old Navy.

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