TORONTO - There are more reasons than ever to file a tax return this year, Ontario's revenue minister said Friday.

John Wilkinson dropped by a free tax clinic in downtown Toronto to remind Ontario residents about the coming April 30 deadline to file their returns.

He said even those with little or no income can qualify for a range of tax breaks, some of which are meant to help offset the introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax on July 1.

"Our government's tax changes will put more people to work and put more money in many people's pockets - particularly those in most need," Wilkinson said.

"But it's important to remember, you need to file your taxes to get the money back."

The controversial tax harmonization plan includes one-time relief cheques and new credits designed to help ease the transition when Ontario merges its eight per cent sales tax with the five per cent federal GST.

However, critics of the plan say tax harmonization will increase the cost of many items that were previously exempt from the provincial sales tax - from gasoline to Internet bills, haircuts and real estate fees.

Ontario's move towards the HST has been bitterly opposed by the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats, who say it will kick people when they're already down due to the recession.

Opposition Leader Tim Hudak has called it a "tax grab on everyday goods and services."