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  • Nine years of money lessons, and goodbye

    With encouragement and advice from readers, I became debt-free and even saved an emergency fund. Here's what else I've learned along the way.

  • Did 'Sex and the City' ruin you, too?

    How did we let a sitcom convince us that self-indulgence and designer clothes were every woman's right? Three recovering shoppers share lessons learned the hard way.

  • Is your retirement beyond help?

    Some experts seem to understand that when you're paying for diapers and day care, it's nearly impossible to save for retirement. But can you catch up later?

  • Summertime, when the livin' is pricey

    We budget for the holidays, but many of us surrender to summer's siren song, seemingly without a care in the world. Quick -- save now, before the May long weekend.

  • Stop paying the mom penalty

    If you've ever lied and said you were sick when it was really your kid, or if you come home from work to a second 'job' as the chief cook, maid and tutor, read on.

  • How to control your sneaky spending

    That shopping list in your head has more slack than the one in your hand. (It's how 'unplanned' purchases land in your cart.) Use this knowledge to your advantage.

  • How rich friends make you feel poor

    Why do we find it so hard to admit to a friend -- somebody who knows and accepts us -- that we live with financial constraints? Also: Ideas for handling the problem next time.

  • Your dream date: Edward Jones

    Hey, single women: Show yourself a little love this Valentine's Day and make a date to secure your financial future. Plus: Where to find the money to sock away.

  • Why pricey gifts are a waste

    As the holiday bills come due, it may be apparent that you overdid it. Again. But studies indicate that spending less on gifts can make recipients just as happy.

  • 2010 goal: My own economic recovery

    Taking stock of your finances after a lousy year can be painful, but it's necessary before you make the adjustments that'll get you back on track. That's what I'm doing.

  • How to pay off $10 million in debt

    Getting rid of your debt takes dedication, stamina and honesty -- and it helps to have an online support group of women with the same dream.

  • Why it costs more to be a woman

    From haircuts to home insurance, moisturizers to mortgages, women are charged more than men for essentially the same stuff. There's only one way to fight this bunk.

  • 15 worst holiday gift ideas

    You're sweating, panicked. You're about to recycle an old gift, buy a weight-loss book for Aunt Josephine or grab the Ikea catalogue. Stop! Break the cycle of Holiday Gift-Shopping Syndrome!

  • Is Mom wasting her degree?

    Stay-at-home mothers have many reasons for pursuing higher education. Instead of questioning them, let's push for policies that would make life easier for all moms.

  • Say no to the holiday mall madness

    A new survey says the recession has led people to reassess their values, and many may find new joy in the holidays without frenetic bouts of shopping.

  • True tales of conquering debt

    Financial success stories abound for the original Women in Red, and their triumphs have inspired thousands. Here's a look at where their journeys have led.

  • Why savers and spenders marry

    We tend to be attracted to those with whom we share similarities. Yet there's a reason why people from opposite ends of the spending spectrum wind up together.

  • Are outlet malls for suckers?

    Canadians have a long-standing love affair with bargains. Look no further than the warehouse clubs, discount stores and outlet malls that carpet the country

  • When your mate can't handle money

    It might be tempting to seize the reins, but that would be a mistake. Here's a 4-step (and 2-person) plan for building a solid financial foundation for your relationship.

  • Why own when you can rent?

    It's fun to get something new, but the thrill wears off pretty quickly and the costs of ownership can be endless. For proponents of the anti-stuff movement, renting is in.

  • Are you stuck in a money trap?

    When you make the same financial mistakes over and over, chances are the same seemingly nonnegotiable principles have been tripping you up for years.

  • The real key to being debt-free

    Deciding to get out of debt is easy; actually getting started is a bit harder. But the real test is sticking with your plan. Here's what makes an effort succeed.

  • Secrets of successful savers

    Lots of people who manage to stash away cash feel tempted not to. Here are their strategies for keeping their spendthrift selves in check.

  • Little things that make you feel rich

    Pleasure doesn't cost a lot -- and if we can savour things like a child's hug, a good cup of coffee or even the smell of clean laundry, we'll be happier and perhaps healthier.

  • Seven smart ways to buy happiness

    Money may be tight, but that doesn't mean you have to stop spending altogether. Rather, use these tips to get the most joy for your cash.

  • How to leave your wife

    If your marriage is crumbling, you need to pay attention to money matters -- or suffer harsh consequences. Here's what to do, men.

  • How to leave your husband

    Though the impulse to flee immediately may be strong, patience and quiet financial planning will pay in the long run.

  • The upside of a down economy

    Many of us are wising up, determined to cut back and nail down that precious commodity known as financial sanity.

  • How rich friends make you feel poor

    If you're not careful, the green-eyed monster can lead to a lot of overspending and unhappiness as you try to keep up. Here's how to cope with wealthy friends and relatives.

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