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Worst places to live in Canada

The year's lowest ranking cities.

The year's lowest ranking cities. (© Sean Kilpatrick/CP)
  • The year's lowest ranking cities. (© Sean Kilpatrick/CP)
  • Least affordable real estate: Vancouver, B.C. (© FlickrLickr/Wikimedia Commons)
  • Lowest household income: Hawkesbury, Ont. (© P199/Wikimedia Commons)
  • Fewest residents walking/biking to work: Vaughan, Ont. (© Loozrboy/Flickr)
  • Highest total crime: North Battleford, Sask. (© waferboard/Flickr)
  • Fewest doctors: Brooks, Alta. (© Brookspubliclibrary/Wikimedia Commons)
  • Highest unemployment: Bay Roberts, N.L. (© Ayadm/Wikimedia Commons)
  • Worst weather: St. John’s, N.L. (© Jonathan Hayward/CP)
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This year, MoneySense took a new approach to tackling the lowest ranking cities on our list. We've narrowed our gaze to focus on the worst performers in each of the most important categories, in addition to listing the lowest overall scoring city.

The goal here is not to chastise these cities and the no-doubt spirited people who live there but to highlight areas where city officials and residents can work together for positive change. Of course there's not much anyone can do about the weather but there's a lot we can do to make our cities more safe, accessible and fun.

For our full methodology on how we crunched our numbers, click here.

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