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World’s weirdest cons

Unbelievable frauds

Unbelievable frauds (© iStock)
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Though fraud experts maintain the elderly are prime targets for con men, perhaps even they couldn't have seen this one coming: in Florida recently, a trio of reportedly crooked salesmen are facing up to two decades in prison for allegedly scamming seniors into buying unnecessary septic products, including up to $1 million in toilet paper. In one case, under the guise that it would save their septic tanks from disrepair, one victim was duped into buying more than 70 years worth of toilet paper, according to federal prosecutors.

Certainly, such a scam invokes groans amongst the level-headed. Yet in defence of the conned, weird, unbelievable frauds are nothing new. In honour of Florida's million dollar TP ruse, MSN looks back at other wacky cons of years past.

* All figures in USD.

* Bing: How to spot a con

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