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World’s strangest, but fun, jobs

Some of the most amazing dream jobs.

Happy businesswoman. (© Getty Images)
  • Happy businesswoman. (© Getty Images)
  • Jackie Samuel has a business that offers cuddling for $60 an hour. (© Getty Images)
  • View of the Coral Sea from Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia. (© Victoria Simpson/Rex Features)
  • Harry Willsher is the chief taster at an English candy factory. (© Getty Images)
  • NAS performs at the MLB Fan Cave. (© MediaPunch/Rex Features)
  • woman sleeping in bed (© Image Source/Getty Images)
  • A man enjoys a waterslide at a water park. (© Yorgos Karahalis/Newscom/RTR)
  • Woman stretching on bed. (© LWA/Getty Images)
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Scroll your way up or down any list of Canada’s most common jobs, and what do you find? Trucker, sales clerk, waiter … all solid lines of work, honest and honourable in their own way. Perhaps, though, even the most enthusiastic truckers, sales clerks or waiters would tell you their jobs are simply a means to an end, not the professions they dream about.

But don’t get deterred, uninspired workers. In fact, there are gigs out there you’ll never believe come with a paycheque. From private island caretakers to waterslide testers, here’s a sampling of the world’s most unique jobs.

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