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Where Canadians spend the most on groceries

On average, Canadians spend $6,000 annually at the grocery store.

grocery receipt (© Getty Images)
  • grocery receipt (© Getty Images)
  • Welcome to Manitoba Canada sign at the Manitoba and Minnesota U.S. border. (© Dennis Macdonald/Getty Images)
  • Beaconsfield Historic House in Prince Edward Island. (© Getty Images)
  • A detour sign by a rural road in Saskatchewan. (© Getty Images)
  • View from the terrace of the Magnetic Bar and Restaurant on the 20th stage of Hotel de la Montagne, Montreal, Quebec. (© Getty Images)
  • Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick (© Getty Images)
  • A crisp fall afternoon overlooking the Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. (© Getty Images)
  • The Town Clock, also sometimes called the Old Town Clock or Citadel Clock Tower, is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the historic urban core of Nova Scotia's Halifax Regional Municipality. (© Getty Images)
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If you've ever unpacked groceries at home, pulled out the receipt and heaved a great sigh, you are not alone. In Canada, according to national data, the average household forks over nearly $6,000 per year at the supermarket alone.

But all is not equal across the country. According to Statistics Canada, what one household pays for groceries in Manitoba, say, doesn't compare to what a household pays for groceries in British Columbia. In which provinces do Canadian families spend the most at the supermarket? Click through to find out.

* Grocery bill data from 2011, the latest year available.
** Statistics Canada grocery survey data covers the nation's provinces only. 

* Bing: Cheapest grocery stores in Canada

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