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The richest people of all-time

A look back at the unbelievable wealth of the richest people throughout history.

gold bars (© Arnd Wiegmann/Newscom/RTR)
  • gold bars (© Arnd Wiegmann/Newscom/RTR)
  • Railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt. (© Library of Congress photo)
  • Henry Ford drives one of his earlier models in the early 1920s. (© CP Photo)
  • Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi at the inaugural session of the 20th Arab League leaders summit in Damascus, Syria, on March 29, 2008. (© Ammar Abd Rabbo/ABACAPRESS.COM)
  • Kind of England William the Conqueror. (© CP Photo)
  • Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last ruler of Hyderabad. (© Farhang Nizam, first edition, 1926/Wikipedia)
  • Czar Nicholas II of Russia in his military uniform (© AP Photo)
  • Industrialist and steel magnate Andrew Carnegie. (© AP Photo)
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Today, according to Forbes’ latest rich list, the wealthiest man on earth is Carlos Slim, he of the $69 billion (as of March 2012) Mexican telecom fortune. A staggering net worth, to be sure, but how does it rank when viewed through the lens of history?

The folks at recently compiled a list of the richest people that ever lived, gathering a group of well-known luminaries and translating their wealth into today’s dollars*. The rundown features names you know well, though no women, and no tycoons, tyrants or royals who are still alive today. Who, then, was the richest person of all-time? Click through to find out.

* Where dollars were not used as a measuring stick, the most recent price for precious metals, like gold, were considered. All figures in this feature are in USD.

* Bing: How to become a millionaire

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