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The most expensive things billionaires have ever bought

From islands to yachts, the world’s wealthy have indulged in some expensive toys.

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Art, diamonds and platinum rings, these may be a billionaire's favourite things. Indeed, spending a couple hundred grand here or there might be how our wealthiest spend their Tuesdays, but how, truly, do they splurge?

Wealth-X, a firm that measures how the world's personal fortunes are spent, recently released a list of the 10 most expensive things ever bought by the world's billionaires. Private islands and coastal estates are a staple, sure, but if there's one thing you'll learn here, it's that you ain't much unless you've got a yacht to sail.

* All figures in USD. All personal wealth estimates sourced by Wealth-X.

* Bing: How to make your first million dollars

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