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The MBA programs that lead to the biggest pay raises

Upgrading your business degree can pay huge dividends in the long-run — especially for your salary.

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  • HEC Montréal (© HEC Montréal)
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  • Alberta School of Business (© WinterE229/Wikimedia Commons)
  • DeGroote School of Business (© McMaster University)
  • Ted Rogers School of Management (© Ryerson University)
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Upgrading your business degree can pay huge dividends in the long-run — especially for your salary.

Canadian Business has looked at which MBA programs lead to the biggest pay raises. To find this figure, we tallied the difference between average salaries upon entering an MBA program and after completing it. So for instance, students at the Schulich School of Business enter with an average salary of $41,149. In their first post-MBA job, their average salary is $90,000, which totals an average pay raise of $48,851.

Here are the average salary increases across Canada's MBA programs, going from smallest to biggest. Note that not every MBA program is included on the list, only those that provided data.

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