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The biggest-tipping cities in Canada

Where residents leave the biggest gratuities.

A man signing a credit card receipt at a restaurant. (© Getty Images)
  • A man signing a credit card receipt at a restaurant. (© Getty Images)
  • Calgary City Hall and the Olympic Plaza in winter. (© Rick Rudnicki/Getty Images)
  • A night view of Vancouver's city skyline along False Creek, Vancouver, B.C. (© totororo/Getty Images)
  • Old Montreal skyline (© Design Pics Inc/REX)
  • Toronto city skyline (© Design Pics Inc/Rex Features)
  • Parliament Hill at twilight, Ottawa, Ontario (© Design Pics Inc/Rex Features)
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Tipping is big business in Canada, contributing some $6 billion each year to the national economy, according to one University of Guelph associate professor. And that's just a guess: the figure is based on an estimated 15 per cent tip rate, and who can truly say what portion of tips received, at any percentage, are actually reported as income?

In any case, more than ever the pressure is on patrons and customers to be generous when the bill comes. Yet tipping customs vary, even across our own country. With data from mobile payment company Square, here's how some of Canada's largest cities stack up when it comes to gratuities*.

* Tipping information was gathered from the credit card transactions of more than 50,000 Canadian businesses across the country that give tipping options to their customers. Service industries such as restaurants, taxis, spas, bars and hairdressers were considered.

* Bing: Who to tip, and who not to tip

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