At its peak: At one time, Dylex Ltd., the former Canadian retail giant, was a favourite of many Canuck shoppers. The holding company owned Tip Top Tailors, women's fashion house Fairweather and casual clothier Thriftys, all solid names on the Canadian retail landscape. But Dylex's most notable name may well have been BiWay, the discount chain that operated some 260 stores at its zenith

Where it went: In 2001, Dylex was forced to file for bankruptcy protection, having to sell the leases to its 260 BiWay stores in the process. Some 3,400 workers lost their jobs in the changeover, and many BiWays were bought by dollar stores who hoped to capitalize on the discount infrastructure already in place. Dollarama, for instance, scooped up 60 BiWay leases for an undisclosed sum, more than doubling its store count as of 2002, the year of the deal.

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