The eDiets website offers access to multiple diets in one place. Select from low-glycemic, low sodium, lactose-free and others. Regardless of the type of diet selected, the Fresh Prepared food-delivery plan is available.
Fresh Prepared will ship five days worth of self-selected meals for US$109.75 ($439 per month) or seven days worth for US$139.65 ($558.60 per month) plus shipping. A website promo code offers one free week.
The Biggest Loser Meal Plan by eDiets -, is endorsed by previous contestants from "The Biggest Loser" reality show. The seven-day plan includes 21 meals per week for US$153.65 plus shipping. A five-day plan is US$119.75 plus shipping.

What you get:
* Food delivered to your door
* Online access to a personal trainer
* Online access to a dietitian
* Online community

* Ways to trim fat from spending
* Five ways to get healthy, save $$$
* Consumer fads that haven't faded