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Thu, 16 Feb 2012 14:43:03 GMT | By James Cowan, Canadian Business
Inside Tim Hortons' coffee cup upsizing

99.9 per cent of your daily coffee allowance

99.9 per cent of your daily coffee allowance (© Lars Hagberg/CP)
  • 99.9 per cent of your daily coffee allowance (© Lars Hagberg/CP)
  • Consumer research (© Chris Young/CP)
  • Cupsizing! (© Darren Maginley/The Canadian Press)
  • Consumer psychology (© Infographic by Brett Ramsay)
  • Why larger works (© iStock)
  • Consumer unawareness (© Steve White/The Canadian Press)
  • Feeling good about larger sizes (© iStock)
  • Consumer acceptance (© Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images)
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The new, extra large Tim Hortons' coffee cup holds 24 liquid ounces, big enough to accommodate two whole cans of Coke. Big enough for 16 shots of vodka or a bottle of wine, minus a glug or two. Big enough for 99.9 per cent of your daily coffee allowance, according to Health Canada. In short: big enough.

But what the average Tims consumer might not know is the myriad of business, psychological and cultural issues that have gone into this 19-cent change. Click through to find out why Tim Hortons decided to make the big move.

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