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How to really save at the supermarket

Separating myth from reality in grocery store savings

Separating myth from reality in grocery store savings (© iStock)
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Today, there are no amateurs of the supermarket. Indeed, every uncle, grandmother and housekeeper claims to be an expert on how best to save at the grocery store, and thanks to shows like "Extreme Couponing," it's now in vogue to shove that savvy down the throat of anyone nearby.

But what should we believe about supermarket savings tips? Is it really less expensive to shop one day over another? Or what about buying meat — is it best to grab the cheaper stuff and leave the finer cuts on the shelves? To sift through it all, MSN asked Rob Gerlsbeck, editor at CanadianGrocer.com, to address a few common savings tips we hear all the time. Which ones are legit? Click through to find out.

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