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How to raise an upwardly mobile baby

From yoga to Twitter accounts, small children are increasingly living in an adult world.

Boy using a tablet computer. (© Getty Images)
  • Boy using a tablet computer. (© Getty Images)
  • Chinese pupils practice martial arts at a sports school in Mengcheng county, east China's Anhui province. (© China Newsphoto/Reuters)
  • A woman performs yoga with her child at a hospital in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu province. (© Jeff Xu/Reuters)
  • Young toddler with a microphone. (© Getty Images)
  • Father and son cooking spaghetti with tomato sauce. (© Maike Jessen/Getty Images)
  • Baby on an airplane. (© Getty Images)
  • Father and son at a farmers' market. (© Getty Images)
  • Baby in a bath. (© Getty Images)
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The push to give children a head start on success is such a trend that it's big business, with industries popping up, all aimed at preparing a child for the best that life has to offer. Let's call these little pupils Upwardly Mobile Babies. Umbies are often enrolled in the most popular educational programs before they're even born, and start the education basics while still crawling.

There's a downside, however, cautions Sarah Batiss-Brown, principal for West Side Montessori Academy preschool in Vancouver. "The children who are over-programmed and have so much to do — we find that by high school, they are worn out," she says.

Click through for a look at some of the businesses promising to give children a leg up on the competition.

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