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How restaurants rack up your bill

Spot the tricks of the trade on your next visit.

meal at a restaurant (© Korlina Kabat/Creative Contents)
  • meal at a restaurant (© Korlina Kabat/Creative Contents)
  • Short rations (© Mark Spector/Gallery Stock)
  • Flight pairings (© beltzner/Creative Commons)
  • Mystery wine (© Camille Moirenc/Corbis)
  • Menu psychology (© Louis-Laurent Grandadam/Getty)
  • Not so specials (© avlxyz/Creative Commons)
  • Servers with agendas (© Ed Alcock/Eyevin/Redux)
  • Small bites (© Peter Frank Edwards/Redux)
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A good meal at a favourite restaurant can be a sublime experience. But behind the friendly wait staff, delicious entrees and extensive wine list is a well-oiled machine designed to suck as much money as possible from your wallet, ideally without your knowledge or objection. Here are some of the techniques restaurants use to keep bills inflated and still have you coming back for more.

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