O.J. Simpson – Hertz (Scott Audette/AP Photo)

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Terminated: 1992

Before he became famous for another deed, O.J. Simpson, the all-pro NFL running back, was the face of Hertz, starring in popular commercials for the car rental corporation in the 1970s. Simpson appeared alongside other celebs in the ads, including Arnold Palmer and Jamie Lee Curtis, and was paid handsomely for his role as spokesman — a reported $550,000 per year, sterling cash for an endorsement at the time. But in 1992, in a move that seems positively fortunate looking back, Hertz ended its relationship with Simpson when reports surfaced of domestic abuse between him and former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. Two years later, on June 17, 1994, the football great was arrested — and eventually found not guilty — for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

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