Ron Mannix pictured. // Fred Mannix, Ron Mannix, Mancal Group

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Ron Mannix pictured.

Ages: 68 and 62
2010 rank: 10
2009 rank: 10
Net worth: $3.18B
Change from last year: ▲6.9%
Home: Calgary
Companies: Mancal Group

Hermit impressions: Every time they appear in the media, Calgary's Mannix clan reportedly fines PR employees. The Mannix empire began in the early 1900s, when Frederick Stephen Mannix founded a construction company, after winning -- at least according to local legend -- earth-moving equipment in a poker game. His son, Frederick Charles Mannix, known as the local Howard Hughes, expanded operations. Today, the business is run by Fred and Ron Mannix, who also avoid the spotlight.