Brad Duke // Break down your investment strategy (Courtesy Idaho Lottery)

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Brad Duke

Too often unsuspecting lotto winners waste their fortunes through poor investing and hapless money management. So one way to keep this from happening is to break things down — as in, meticulously break things down. In 2005, Brad Duke, a 34-year-old Idaho gym owner, struck a $225 million Powerball jackpot. After taking a lump sum payout of around $85 million, Duke hired a team of financial advisors to help him reach one lofty goal: become a billionaire. The lotto winner developed a simple, yet ambitious strategy to reach his target but, perhaps more importantly, he stayed smart with his nest egg. According to Fortune magazine, Duke put $45 million of his winnings into safe, low-risk investments and bonds, $35 million into more aggressive investments such as oil and real estate and paid off the $125,000 mortgage for his modest Idaho home. He also laid out a plan to give each of his family members around $12,000 annually, the highest possible bequest without a state tax consequence. "I [was] looking at statistics where [lottery winners] in ten years have nothing," Duke said. "In ten years, I wanted to be worth about ten times as much."

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