Successful lottery winners

They say a big lottery win is actually a curse. And such has surely been the case for countless jackpot recipients: A Pennsylvania man who cashed in $16.2 million now lives on food stamps; a fella in Michigan squandered $3.1 million in only two years on a divorce and crack cocaine; a 2002 Powerball winner, despite his $315 million payout, fell into gambling and alcohol addictions and was blamed for his granddaughter's drug overdose death two years later.

Yet, while jackpot wins can bring hard times — about one in three lotto winners are "in serious financial trouble or ... bankrupt within five years," according to the Consumerist — they can't all be bad. Fact is, often a fat lottery payout can be used for good ... we just never hear about it. MSN presents seven stories of lotto success where the winners were able to turn their newfound fortunes into much more.