Released: 1975
Backed by: Sony

While Sony emerged victorious thanks to one flop already mentioned on this list (see: Blu-ray over HD DVD), it's not as if the tech corporation has a clean record when it comes to product wars. Similar to last decade's hi-def home video battle, in the mid-'70s Sony and JVC competed for dominance in the original home video market. Sony's Betamax got off to a quick start over JVC's VHS, which was released more than a year later and - with its larger, bulkier cassette system - struggled to make up ground in the emerging camcorder industry. The battle eventually came down to video recording capability, with VHS' longer video capacity trumping Betamax heading into the 1980s. By the start of the decade, VHS had gained control of 70 per cent of the North American market. Sony conceded defeat in 1988, though it would continue to produce the seldom-used Betamax technology until 2002.

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