3DO (Bidou/NaSH)

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Released: 1993
Backed by: The 3DO Company, Panasonic, Sanyo

The case of the 3DO is one of high-praise and foolish mismanagement. After all, there wasn't much more that could have enhanced this video game console's launch: a high-profile release, revolutionary graphics and the distinct honour of being one of Time magazine's 1993 "Products of the Year." Yet the fall of the 3DO was as swift as it was monumental. Consumers were immediately put off by the expensive release price (at $699, much pricier than competitors) and lack of developer support for the console, which led to an uninspiring catalogue of games. Timing wasn't favourable for the 3DO, either, competition at the time included the more popular Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Subsequent releases of the N64 and original Sony PlayStation officially doomed the 3DO. The ill-fated system was discontinued in 1997 after selling just two million units.

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