Released: 1989
Backed by: PepsiCo

According to a 1989 New York Times article, recent declines in coffee drinking were the impetus behind Pepsi's decision to unveil its new A.M. soft drink line. In fact, the late eighties were a popular time for many soda makers to push their products for morning consumption. Rival Coca-Cola had begun a "Coca-Cola in the morning" advertising campaign, yet it was Pepsi who took the movement to the next level. In a bid to capture the elusive morning beverage market, the bottler released Pepsi A.M., which featured 28 per cent more caffeine per ounce than its original soft drink. The idea flopped, of course, though it's not known just how much PepsiCo lost in the botched experiment. Robert McMath, a marketing expert and author, estimates the hiccup was expensive, and that the drink's name led consumers to believe it was only for specific-occasion usage — a big no-no in the world of advertising.

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