HD DVD (Jae C. Hong/AP Photo)

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Released: 2006
Backed by: Toshiba

It was a race to claim lucrative territory when, in the mid-2000s, a format war broke out between two hi-def home video technologies. And many thought HD DVD, backed by tech giant Toshiba, would emerge victorious over Blu-ray, Sony's brainchild and HD DVD's chief competition. Toshiba launched its technology first (the initial HD DVD players cost about $900 and arrived in stores months before Blu-ray devices) and a strong debut of available titles put the format in good position to succeed. Then, along came Sony's PlayStation 3, which eventually contributed to the HD DVD's demise. The new game console doubled as an affordable Blu-ray player, garnering the support of major film studios. Toshiba was forced to cede the format war in 2008, awarding Blu-ray 100 per cent of the hi-def video disc market.

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