Middleweight boxer Bernard Hopkins. // Oddest corporate sponsorships

By now, no one should be surprised by the lengths that corporate admen are willing to go. Everything can have a name, and nearly everyone has a price. So it was hardly a shock earlier this week when the Chicago Transit Authority — an organization running on budget fumes — announced it was seeking sponsors for its public transit system. You can almost see it now: Hey, sorry. Running a little late. Waiting to hop on the 95 Nike West to take me to the Time Warner Line. Meet you at George Foreman Grill Station around 9:30.

Yet as preposterous as that might sound, throwing a company tag on a subway platform is relatively tame. In fact, there's not much corporations won't attach their names to — school uniforms, wedding invitations, face tattoos, you name it. MSN presents some of the weirdest cases of corporate sponsorship.

(*All amounts in USD.)