Introduced: 2000
Maker: Heinz

What happened: Okay, not every successful innovation makes us crave its return. Following the turn of the millennium, condiment giant Heinz debuted its EZ Squirt product line, a series of coloured ketchups the company marketed toward children. Flavours for the bizarre creation included Blastin' Green, Funky Purple, Stellar Blue and something labelled simply, "Mystery Color."

Since then: While Heinz's coloured ketchups became a popular novelty out of the gate, grocery shoppers soon soured on the product line because it was, well, weird. Despite boasting 20 per cent more vitamin C than regular tomato ketchup, the coloured EZ Squirt series was discontinued in 2006 after years of poor sales. Heinz, notwithstanding its head-turning gaffe, remains the world's largest distributor of ketchup.

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