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Do you buy Tide detergent even when All is on sale? Routinely choose Crest over Colgate? Prefer Brawny to Bounty? Brand loyalty is a personal thing. But some brands do more than just compel us to open our wallets — they get us to fall in love with them.

These are the products that make people feel good or create emotional attachments, says Pierre Chandon, a professor of marketing at INSEAD, an international graduate business school. "A brand that creates emotional joy is a rare thing," adds Chandon. "People align themselves with a brand that reflects what they see when they look in the mirror" or shows others who they are.

How do they do this? Marketing experts have identified "happiness tactics" that brand builders use to help insinuate goods or services into consumers' lives.

Some brands, like Campbell Soup (CPB), evoke nostalgia for our youthful past. Brands like Apple (AAPL.O) allow us to feel we're part of something bigger than ourselves. Others, such as Starbucks (SBUX.O), create an atmosphere that allows us to escape, however briefly, from the familiar confines of home or school. And brands like Facebook succeed in part by making us feel as if someone needs our help in, for instance, resolving a knotty issue like privacy protection.

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