McPizza (Jason Liebig/Flickr)

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Verdict: MISS

Revisionist history is tough. Certainly, bring up McPizza to any fast food diner over the age of 21 and you're sure to get a response somewhere in between "Awww, yeah!" and "Man, I miss that!" But in spite of its nostalgic appeal, the McPizza was anything but a hit for McDonald's when it tried its hand at serving the Italian food in the late 1980s (it arrived in Canada in 1992). For one, McPizza was a logistical nightmare for the fast food chain — cooking a pizza takes a few minutes, which is surely longer than many McDonald's diners were accustomed to waiting for a meal. And then there were the drive-thru windows, which, depending on the size of the pizza ordered, reportedly couldn't handle passing the dish out to customers. McPizza had its day — according to this article in the CBS library, Pizza Hut even lowered its prices to help ward off competition from the McDonald's pie — but ultimately couldn't last in the grab-and-go culture Mickey D's had created for itself.

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