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Famous frugal people

They may have (nearly) all the money in the world but that doesn't stop these top earners from wanting to pinch their pennies.

Hilary Swank; Michelle Obama; Mark Zuckerberg (© Getty Images; REX Features; Reuters photo)
  • Hilary Swank; Michelle Obama; Mark Zuckerberg (© Getty Images; REX Features; Reuters photo)
  • Christy Walton.Jim Walton (© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Sarah Bentham/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
  • Jay Leno (© Stacie McChesney/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
  • Tim Cook (© Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
  • The world's richest man (© Getty)
  • Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. (© Brent Smith/Reuters)
  • Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens (© Getty)
  • She loves shopping at H&M (© REX Features)
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Go up and down the Forbes rich list, and you're going to see men and women with lavish tastes and the resources to feed them.

But not all rich people spend like crazy. From thrift-shopping First Ladies to smartphone-challenged star quarterbacks, here are a few famous wealthy people known to keep their pennies pinched.

* All figures in USD.

* Bing: How to save at the grocery store

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