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Companies with amazing employee perks

From free lunches to six months off to volunteer, these companies keep their employees happy with great benefits.

Google offices in Toronto, Ont. (© Reuters)
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Imagine it: You're shooting a game of pool with your pals when you stop for a healthy lunch. You pick fresh lobster. Then you decide you want a smoothie, which you make yourself by pedalling on an exercise bike that powers the blender. You sip on your drink while reading a book from a secret library.

Now imagine you're doing all that at work!

Google recently opened an office in downtown Toronto with all of those perks and much more, including mini-putt, ping pong, darts and a Pac Man arcade game.

Job perks in Canada have progressed beyond vacation time, pension contributions and medical coverage. Think on-site yoga instructors, access to a fleet of smart cars, time off to volunteer and even supplying a responsible drink after work.

"What works as a perk in one office environment (like Google), might be detrimental in another," Neil Crawford of HR consulting firm Aon Hewitt tells MSN.ca. "To be beneficial, perks must be well-thought out and geared for a staff demographic."

Check out our list of companies in Canada which offer great perks.

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