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Best places to raise kids in Canada

Top family-friendly cities and towns

Top family-friendly cities and towns. (© Paul Shultz / Creative Commons)
  • Top family-friendly cities and towns. (© Paul Shultz / Creative Commons)
  • A view of Edmonton's cityline. (© Mack Male / Creative Commons)
  • A floral view of an Ottawa park. (© John Talbot / Creative Commons)
  • Brandon, Manitoba (© Nordberg / Wikimedia Commons)
  • Regina punches above its weight in cultural rankings (© Waferboard / Creative Commons)
  • Scupture in downtown Winnipeg. (© Brian / Creative Commons)
  • St. Albert is a rich city. (© mjb84 / Creative Commons)
  • Scenic lakeview in Red Deer, Alta. (© Matthew Sharp / Creative Commons)
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Where's the best place in Canada to raise kids? MoneySense has ranked 190 Canadian cities and towns in order to find out. As part of our annual Best Places to Live package, we've rated each city in 10 kid-friendly categories including access to daycare, healthcare, housing and culture to determine which places offer top-notch environments for families.

Being the best in one category doesn't guarantee a spot near the top; our rankings reward cities that place above average in multiple categories. Thinking of relocating? Check out Canada's most family oriented places.

For more on how we crunched the numbers, read our methodology.

* Bing: Canada's most dangerous cities

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