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Best jobs in the world

From whiskey taster to pro sleeper, these jobs would make anyone jealous.

happy businesswoman (© Getty Images)
  • happy businesswoman (© Getty Images)
  • Whiskey being splashed into a glass crystal glass. (© Benjamin Torode/Getty Images)
  • A Facebook Inc. employee demonstrates the new video feature with Instagram. (© Bloomberg via Getty Images/Getty)
  • Visitors slide down the water slide at the Tropical Islands indoor resort on Feb. 15, 2013 in Krausnick, Germany. (© Getty Images/Getty Images)
  • A summer resort in Peter Island, British Virgin Islands. (© cdwheatley/Getty Images)
  • A cheerful young woman lying in bed under the covers with a bright, happy smile. (© Justin Horrocks/Getty Images)
  • chocolate (© Getty Images)
  • A couple of young tourists at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. (© REX/Monkey Business Images)
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Dream jobs do exist — to the few, and to the privileged — but they are real. From water slide tester and whiskey taster to professional Instagrammer and nap specialist, click through to find some of the best jobs in the world you'd surely love to have.

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