Kris, who blogs at Cheap Healthy Good, lists several compelling reasons to serve breakfast for dinner:

  • Morning chow doesn't cost much.
  • It's probably healthier than any fast food you might grab.
  • Best of all, you feel like you're getting away with something.

"You feel a little naughty — like you're doing something you're not supposed to. Like you're going against the natural progression of your day. Like you're flipping (off) time, space and convention," she writes in this 2009 post.

"That may sound like a lot of responsibility to assign a piece of toast, but I assure you, it's all true."

It really is. Breakfast for dinner is cheap, simple to prepare and, yes, fun. Pancakes! French toast! Scrambled-egg sandwiches! You should be eating these in the morning — but it's dark outside and the evening news is on.

Sometimes all I have for dinner is a bowl of oatmeal and some fresh fruit, or a couple of boiled eggs, bread and butter, and a dish of homemade yogurt. So simple, yet so satisfying. And yeah, so cheap.

Is this trick for kids?
Mary Ann Romans from notes that some adults might find the breakfast-for-dinner theory a trifle off-putting. Yet she hears no complaints about chicken sausage and scrambled eggs with cheese or a frittata made with leftover vegetables and pasta.

"There are so many choices for breakfast," she says.

About that frittata: It's not only easier to make than its cousin, the quiche, it's also lower in calories. Lacy of Deliciously Frugal suggests using chicken or turkey sausage and some mozzarella along with the eggs; with a small green salad or a piece of fruit, it makes a hearty meal.

So would the English Muffin Strata with Ham and Cheese recommended in the above post from Cheap Healthy Good. She figured it cost about $1.01 per serving back in 2009. Prices have obviously gone up, but it's still not going to be an expensive dish, especially if you get the English muffins at a bakery outlet and the eggs on sale.

Kris also ran a post on what may be the world's best pancake recipe. If you're a French toast fan, check the supermarket bakery's day-old section for "rustic" loaves at a discount; this is one instance when you want the bread to be slightly older. If everyday bread tends to go stale before your household can use it all, stash those last few pieces in the freezer until you have enough for supper.

A fruit compote stands in nicely for syrup, by the way, and it's a good way to use up those wilting apples from the back corner of the fridge. Chop them up and simmer until tender with a little water, sugar and cinnamon.

Got leftover pancakes? Smother them with sausage gravy, a la Just A Frugal Foodie. She'd planned to make biscuits, but at the last minute she pulled some homemade flapjacks out of the freezer. The advantage of this dish is that a relatively small amount of crumbled sausage goes a long, long way.