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Countries with the best quality of life

1. Denmark

Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark (© Getty Images)
  • Amsterdam city centre, Netherlands (© Getty Images)
  • Gamia Stan Square, Stortorget, Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden. (© Getty Images)
  • Oslo Harbour and Radhuset, Oslo, Norway. (© Geoff Tompkinson/Getty Images)
  • Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark (© Getty Images)
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1. Denmark

A peculiar grade sticks out in Denmark's quality of life report card: a "D," under the category of national burglary rate. It's a bizarre mark, but clearly an outlier for the country with the greatest quality of life, as reported by the Conference Board of Canada. Aside from its poor burglary rate, Denmark receives standout grades in every other surveyed category, including a stunning 12 "As" in the 16 categories surveyed by the board.

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