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Tue, 27 Mar 2012 11:17:43 GMT | By Jason Buckland, MSN Money
Whistleblowers who brought down companies

These gamechangers exposed some of the biggest corporate frauds in history.

Corporate gamechangers (© Richard Drew/AP Photo)
  • Corporate gamechangers (© Richard Drew/AP Photo)
  • Jeffrey Wigand (© Fred Chartrand/CP Photo)
  • Sherron Watkins (© Ron Edmonds/file/AP Photo)
  • Cynthia Cooper (© Rogelio Solis/AP Photo)
  • Bunny Greenhouse (© Dennis Cook/file/AP Photo)
  • Harry Markopolos (© Susan Walsh/file/AP Photo)
  • Brad Birkenfeld (© Sang Tan/file/AP Photo)
  • Mark Whitacre (© Claudette Barius/©Warner Bros./courtesy Everett Collection)
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Greg Smith has gotten his 15 minutes in the spotlight recently for doing something most of us can only dream about — quitting his job in spectacular fashion. The former Goldman Sachs executive's resignation was coupled with scathing New York Times op-ed lifting the curtain on the alleged toxic culture inside the investment bank.

Already, the shockwaves of Smith's editorial have been felt — the former executive director alleged some management at Goldman Sachs referred to clients derisively as "muppets"; CEO Lloyd Blankfein later said his staff was conducting an internal investigation into the matter — though what long-term impact, if any, it may have on the firm remains to be seen. For Smith, to be considered a true patriot of change, he'll have a long way to go to measure up to these whistleblowers — eight businesspeople who stood up and changed their companies for good.

* All figures in USD.

* Bing: What is a whistleblower?

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