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Top-rated countries in the world

9. Finland

Aleksanterinkatu Street in downtown Helsinki, Finland. (© Getty Images)
  • United Nations, world flags (© iStock)
  • Eidfjord in Norway (© Getty Images)
  • Aleksanterinkatu Street in downtown Helsinki, Finland. (© Getty Images)
  • Nashville, Tennessee's downtown skyline with the Cumberland River.
  • The Reichstag in Berlin, Germany.
  • Australia
  • Beautiful reflections on small lake near Queenstown, New Zealand. (© Getty Images)
  • Sweden (© altrendo travel/Altrendo/Getty Images)
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9. Finland

By FutureBrand’s measure, Finland is known to the world as a well-rounded country. The country shines particularly in two metrics: According to the Country Brand Index, Finland’s education and healthcare systems are world-class; its education system ranks fourth in the world, while its healthcare system comes in at fifth, higher than many nations that appear on this list.

* Bing: Cost of Canada’s healthcare system

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