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Thu, 08 Dec 2011 10:55:21 GMT | By Kerry Gold, MSN Money
Top 10 deals in Canadian real estate

4. Surrey, B.C.

4. Surrey, B.C. (© iStock)
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British Columbians are well aware that Surrey is a success story. The second largest city in B.C. has totally transformed its image from mere suburb to one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. In the next few years, it's forecast that Surrey will overtake Vancouver as the largest city in the province. It is an excellent investment region because of two border crossings to the U.S., infrastructure that includes links to five major highways, four railways, sea docks, a population boom and a strong rental market. As well, under the helm of mayor Dianne Watts, the city has dedicated itself to reducing crime and improving its overall image. The REIN report advises that investors look at neighbourhoods on a micro level, even looking at a street's characteristics before deciding to buy.

* Video: Surrey, B.C., couple fights for an exception to the exotic pet ban

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