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The world’s most prosperous nations

4. Australia

Woman at the beach in Australia. (© Getty Images)
  • Woman at the beach in Australia. (© Getty Images)
  • Gamia Stan Square in Stortorget, Old Town Stockholm, Sweden. (© Getty Images)
  • Colourful houses and restaurants on the Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark. (© Getty Images)
  • Eidfjord, Norway. (© Getty Images)
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4. Australia

Last year’s rank: 3

Of course, it must be something in the water. The only education system that is stronger than Australia’s is neighbour New Zealand’s. The Aussies, though, are no one-trick pony. The country also boasts the third-strongest sense of personal freedom among its citizens, and has a health care system ranked similarly to that of Canada (Australia came in 17th place while Canada reached 15th place).

* Video: Canada’s new business relationship with China and India

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