TD Fall Investing GuideTD Fall Investing Guide
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What investment style is right for you?


For those who don't mind some risk in their portfolio. (© Dougal Waters/Lifesize/Getty)
  • Balanced funds have government and corporate bonds and cash.
  • Index funds are good for those who want to invest in stocks but don't like risk. (© Getty)
  • Small- and medium-sized companies can grow faster than larger, established ones.
  • For those who don't mind some risk in their portfolio. (© Dougal Waters/Lifesize/Getty)
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Funds: exotic funds (emerging countries, diverse industries)
Goal: growth

For those who are risk tolerant and want to zero in on a particular sector or investing opportunity, mutual fund companies offer a range of investment options. To name a few: Real Estate Investment Trusts, Health Industry Funds, Latin American Equity Funds, China Growth Funds, Global Agriculture Funds, Social Value Funds, and MicroCap Funds. These types of funds will add some variety to your portfolio - just remember to balance the risk out with more conservative investments.

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