Greek government talks in final stretch

Former conservative Prime Minister Costas Karamnlis talks with lawmakers just before the speach of the leader of the Party Antonis in parliament on Friday, May 11, 2011. Greek political leaders are continuing power-sharing negotiations after a May 6 general election gave no party an outright majority to govern. Failure to reach a coalition agreement would trigger fresh general elections next month (AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis)

ATHENS, Greece - The head of a small left-wing party and potential kingmaker in Greece's coalition negotiations says he will not join forces with the conservatives and socialists to form a government.

Fotis Kouvelis, whose Democratic Left party won 19 seats in Sunday's election, says he cannot join any coalition that does not include the election runner-up, the Radical Left Coalition. So far, the party's leader Alexi Tsipras has refused to join any government that does not reject the austerity terms of Greece's international bailout.

The heads of the winning conservatives and third-placed socialists have warned that Tspiras' demands would force Greece out of the euro — which all parties say they do not want.

If no deal can be found, Greece will have to hold new elections next month.