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  • China manufacturing drags on Asia, but Europe up

    SEOUL, South Korea - Asian stock markets were dampened by a weak China manufacturing survey Thursday, but European stocks opened higher. Japan gained on the prospect of a stronger dollar after Fed minutes showed policymakers are leaning toward their first rate hike since the 2008 financial crisis.

  • California's drought stings bees, honey supplies

    LOS BANOS, Calif. - California's record drought hasn't been sweet to honeybees, and it's creating a sticky situation for beekeepers and honey buyers.

  • BofA's $17B settlement not as large as it appearsBofA's $17B settlement not as large as it appears

    WASHINGTON - Bank of America's purchase of Countrywide Financial has cost it tens of billions of dollars over the past six years. An expected $17 billion settlement with the Justice Department will increase that toll, but not by a full $17 billion.

  • Maritime children get the most for baby teeth

    TORONTO - If you're a kid in Atlantic Canada, here's a reason to smile. According to a new survey, the tooth fairy is paying a premium for baby teeth in the Maritimes and Newfoundland.

  • Growth in China manufacturing weakens in August

    HONG KONG - Growth in China's vast manufacturing industry weakened in August, suggesting that the recovery in the world No. 2 economy is losing momentum and Beijing may need to spoon out more stimulus.

  • Police seek mystery pair in selfies after burglaryPolice seek mystery pair in selfies after burglary

    SANTA CLARITA, Calif. - Would burglars be dumb enough to post selfies on their victim's cloud account?

  • 3 Canadian cities among most livable

    TORONTO - Three Canadian cities — Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary — have been named as some of the best places to live in the world, according to a report by The Economist.

  • Casino workers turn to prayer to save their jobsCasino workers turn to prayer to save their jobs

    ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - They've turned to politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and union reps to try to save their jobs at three Atlantic City casinos scheduled to close soon. Now, hundreds of soon-to-be unemployed dealers, cocktail servers and hotel workers are turning to what many say could be their last, best chance.

  • Mormon school removes gay-marriage cards at store

    SALT LAKE CITY - Greeting cards celebrating same-sex marriages turned up at the Brigham Young University bookstore Tuesday.

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