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Iconic Canadian brands that jumped the border


Customers stand in front of the flagship Eaton's store at the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. (© CP Photo)
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There was a time when Eaton’s was the largest department store in Canada, but its market share had dwindled in modern times – all the way down to just 10.6 per cent of Canadian department store sales by 1997. The iconic company, founded in 1869 by Timothy Eaton, filed for bankruptcy and eventually folded in 1999. After 130 years in business, Eaton’s and its assets were acquired by Chicago-based retailer Sears, which took over many remaining Eaton’s locations with the intent to renovate and rebrand them. The effort failed, and Eaton’s was eventually shuttered for good, with many of its Canadian locations turned into Sears. Today, Eaton's lives on in name only; major shopping malls in Canada, most notably in Toronto and Montreal, operate under the famous Eaton name

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