She may be a billionaire heiress, but Holly Branson, 29, is known for accepting her privileged place in life with a level head and admirable grace. Not one to fall for the silver-spoon syndrome, the daughter of Virgin tycoon Richard Branson first chose to dedicate her life to one of the working world's loftiest pursuits: medicine.

It's a course that wasn't obvious when Holly was a teenager. At age 16, she received waves of media attention for a photo shoot with Cosmopolitan magazine wherein she wore only a pair of Virgin blue jeans. In her 20s, the tabloids caught her partying with royal princes William and Harry (more recently she's been spotted with Glee star Matthew Morrison), but in that time, Holly also managed to graduate with a medical degree from London's prestigious University College. She also served as a junior doctor at a UK hospital.

These days Holly is working with her father's company on a new Virgin UK health initiative. But last year she called upon her medical skills with a more hands-on approach, on board a Virgin aircraft 35,000 feet in the air.

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