David Edmondson // David Edmondson (Tony Gutierrez/AP Photo)

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David Edmondson

Who: CEO, RadioShack

The rundown: After more than a decade at the company, RadioShack boss Edmondson was challenged by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in 2006 over inconsistencies on his résumé. The paper charged that Edmondson had lied about receiving two degrees from California's Pacific Coast Baptist College, from where the CEO claimed to have graduated.

The aftermath: The Star-Telegram uncovered Edmondson had only finished two semesters at his alma mater, and further that his résumé-boosting theology and psychology degrees were nothing but hoaxes (Pacific Coast Baptist College doesn't even offer a major in psychology, according to Time.com.) Later in 2006, Edmondson admitted to falsifying his résumé and resigned in shame.

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