The Mr. T gold indicator (Universal TV/ Courtesy: Everett Collection)

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The Mr. T Gold Indicator is a proprietary technical indicator created in 2005 by Kevin Depew, editor-in-chief of the financial news site Minyanville (the site behind this story package). It identifies and anticipates prospective exhaustion points in the price data for gold.
Depew discovered that over the years Mr. T's appearance and popularity tracks neatly with the price of gold; when images of Mr. T are in abundance, it's a subconscious reminder that the yellow metal has reached an important price peak.
As Depew says, "Some technical indicators rely on formulas applied to the price data of a security, but these types of indicators can be very subjective, requiring an analyst to view the signals that are generated within the context of still more indicators. The Mr. T Gold indicator, on the other hand, is completely objective and easy to use! All you have to do to use the indicator is look at Mr. T."
Why does it work? Because Mr. T knows his gold, fool. In fact, Mr. T began to amass his gold chain collection during his pre-television career days as a nightclub bouncer, confiscating the jewelry of patrons he ejected, and looping them around his neck as trophies, of sorts.